Friday, May 2, 2014

Come along on a fearless virtual blog tour

I love when readers leave comments.  It's like when you're out somewhere and someone tells you hey, I like your shoes and you're all thanks and they're so comfy, too and then you smile and feel good because of the compliment.

This is how I felt when I logged on here one day last week and saw this monster comment someone left me. The long and short of it is that the commenter found my blog, gave me some compliments and offered some advice. When I hopped over to her blog I knew I had to feature her on a Fearless Friday post.


Meet Meg Evans from where she writes stories and essays about life. Meg is on a mission to travel the Interwebz on what she calls a Random Kindness Blog Tour. (Rock and Roll! sorry.) Her plan is to visit a different blog (those with a positive focus) every day for a year. I'm honored to be the April 20th stop on her tour.

What makes her fearless is her resolve to find a new, positive blog every single day and then leave a sweet comment for the author. That's a mighty tall order considering many of us (a few of us? okay, just me) can't even post every day in their own blog.

Meg told me her main fear was the commitment and not being able to keep up with it but so far she's been fearlessly on track and has enjoyed making new friends along the way.

Visiting many different blogs and leaving a comment is a fearless act because you never know if what you say to another blogger will be read, let alone received well or, ignored altogether. I, on the other hand, find it easiest to just offer bribes. (Leave a comment, get a cookie!)

Check out her on-going tour here. Leave her some love and maybe do a blog crawl (similar to a pub crawl only with less booze and no hangover) of the blogs she's discovered.

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