Thursday, May 29, 2014

Novelty items with questionable marketing slogans

Memorial Day found us home from work and school and while we paid tribute to the day and its meaning we also spent some time at  the outdoor mall near us.

We started with supper at California Pizza Kitchen. We hadn't eaten there in a while and I thought Hey, maybe we could sit outside and have a nice meal. Mind you, the temps had hit the triple digits but since they had the misters going to keep things cool we figured, what the hell. When we walked in and asked to be seated outside the hostess noticed that some people had randomly decided to just sit at the last two empty tables on their own. Now normally the Jersey in me would say, "Tell them to get up and move." But, like I said, it was hot so I let it slide and we ate in cool comfort inside. Consider yourselves lucky, Table Snatchers.

Afterward, we walked around and looked in some stores. We went into this one shop which was a candy/novelty gift store. They had all the familiar sweets (gummy bears!) and some retro candy (sugar babies!) that Bill and I remember eating when we were little. I found a few items that were interesting enough to take a pic of but just pricey enough to leave on the shelf.

Put germs in their place!

These next two were pieces of gum all kept in such uniquely labeled boxes:

Nothing says 'I love you' like censored language and badly crayon-drawn pics.

This is truth in advertising. At least in my world.

Sorry for the language.  Aw hell, who am I kidding? But I am sorry the last pic is blurry.

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