Friday, June 12, 2015

There's more to June than what we know

June. The sixth month of the year. A time to celebrate Dads. It's when school ends and summer begins. But that's not all. I was on a Pop Culture site and came across some facts about the month of June that I wasn't aware of. So, I thought I would share them because I'm thoughtful like that. Also, let it never be said that The Fearless Scribe is not educational. As always, my feature commentary is in blue.

The first weekend in June is National Doughnut Weekend: I did not know this, however, I unintentionally ate some doughnuts anyway. They were not from Dunkin' Donuts. They were delicious. 

Dairy Month: Ice-cold milk to wash down the doughnuts? Ice cream? Yes, please!

Candy Month: I knew I loved this month for more than the fact that days get longer.

Fight The Filthy Fly Month: Not sure why this needs to be recognized, but okay.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month: Despite my love of all things sweet and bad for you I do like to eat fruits and veggies, especially during the summer.

Great Outdoors Month: Spending time by a pool counts, right? I mean, if the pool is located outside it should count.

Iced Tea Month: My favorite non-alcohol beverage of choice.

National Nude Day is on the Summer Solstice, the day with the longest daylight of the year, which is usually June 21st. There is actually a day that celebrates nudity? This is a frightening thought. For the first official day of Summer I plan to wear shorts and a t-shirt just like all the other typical hot days here. 

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