Monday, June 1, 2015

Questions that should have answers

Sometimes I get to thinking and I puzzle over things. You see, I'm a curious sort and I have questions, things I wonder about. But no answers. I suppose I could google them but I'm a bit afraid of the results. We all know what happens when you google something you typed incorrectly. I can only imagine what I would find with my questions correctly spelled. Still, I'm curious.

So anyway, here's what keeps me up at night. Or, at least occupied when I'm bored and there's nothing good on TV.

Why is it that I manage to get an itch on my back in the exact place I can't reach and then I end up with my back against the wall doing some sort of silly mambo to get relief?

How is it that some people are so chipper in the mornings? I, on the other hand, wake up like it's the end of the world and wear my sunglasses and a don't-bother-me look as if I had too much vodka the night before.

Why are bugs in the bathroom at the exact time that I have to go, forcing me to hold it while I run screaming for Bill to go take care of them?

Would snoring be considered an acceptable form of defense or assault against a spouse? I'm just asking this for a friend, ya know. 

How is it that whenever I have to go somewhere it seems that everyone else is on the road and it takes me an ungodly hour to get out of my street?

Why does my desk always look like a ransacked stationary store despite my efforts to keep things organized?

Why do people ask me if I'm busy when they can see that I am but they never ask when I'm sitting there with nothing to do?

Does anyone else have questions they want answers to? This is a legit question and not one of those I wonder about.

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