Monday, March 26, 2012

Allergies, you suck

Years ago I went to an allergist in NJ to find out what made me sneeze, cough and generally miserable. A scratch test revealed I was allergic to a crapload of stuff. Figures. The list included: ragweed, cats, tree pollen, dust mites, dander and couple of other things I forgot but those are the main ones.

Then, for the longest time when I visited Las Vegas I was miraculously cured. Seems the dry heat and non-humidity did wonders for my allergies. I could breathe! Of course, I would inevitably return to NJ and *cough* *sneeze* ick.

When we moved to Vegas I thought I was home-free and better breathing was mine. In fact, I told people that this was a main selling point for me. I can breathe better in the desert. And it was so.

For the first year.

But it was not meant to be. Those dang allergies followed me out here to the West Coast. Any time it was windy, or even a day before the winds came I would start sneezing.

Nooooooo! It can't be, I cried. Okay, I didn't actually cry. But there was some sniffling. Maybe due to the allergies. Anyway, I saw a doctor and she said that my allergy-free time was referred to as the "Honeymoon Period". After all, I do live in the desert, so it stands to reason that I develop an allergy to the dust around here.

So I basically traded in one set of allergies for new ones.

My go-to drug of choice is Claritin 24 hour relief. But sometimes it makes me sleepy. Yes, even the non-drowsy one. My body's weird like that. But at least it stops all the icky symptoms. Oh yeah, new home, new allergies, and new symptoms. My eyes now water and my ears itch. I'm a mess.

My new doctor (whom I love!) is sending me to an allergist to be tested for whatever new allergies I've most likely developed. I see this guy in 2 days. I can only imagine.

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