Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Laugh and the world laughs with you. Hopefully.

I have a sense of humor. I love to joke around and play pranks. I love to laugh. Slapstick comedy is one of my favorites. If the Marx Brothers, Three Stooges, Laurel & Hardy or Abbott & Costello are on, I will definitely be rolling on the floor laughing hysterically with tears down my face. A snarky comment, good joke, silly cartoon. Yep, I love 'em!

I've always said we need more laughter in the world and less judging and anger. I think society has forgotten how to laugh at itself. People are so easily offended. Let's just lighten up a bit.

Kids know how to do it. They laugh at the silliest things: Peek-a-boo, blowing raspberries, funny faces. We could all take a cue from them.

My mom is known for her falls and stumbles. Some of the stories surrounding them are legendary and never get old. Of course, at the time we feel bad that she slipped and fell and hope she's alright and not injured. Unless you're me and practically bust a gut to keep from laughing out loud, while snickering under your breath until you can't take it anymore and break out into full-blown hysterics. Sorry, Mom. In my defense, I saw the ice patch and tried to warn you.

This past weekend I watched some Three Stooges with Little Man. And he loved them! He howled with laughter which made me so proud. (pounds chest saying My Boy!)

Naturally bathroom humor and fart jokes rate highly around here. Little Man and Bill are on the same wavelength where that's concerned. *shakes head* 

In any case, I think a little laughter goes a long way so long as no one is seriously hurt.

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