Thursday, March 22, 2012

Singed hair or How do these things keep happening to me?

I love scented candles. They smell nice, yummy and floral. They add ambiance to a room. And sometimes I just like to stare into the flame.

I have a collection of candle holders in different shapes, sizes and colors. And I confess that I stop and smell the candles at the store. Sweet Pea smells awesome. And Christmas Cookie at the holidays smells good enough to eat.

Now, I know the dangers of fire and how to use a candle a safely. Still, that didn't stop me from singeing some of my hair the other day.

How? you might ask. It was one of those simple yet stupid things that can only happen to me. At least this is what Bill tells me.

I had my little candle in a jar all lit and smelling pretty on my bedside table. I was on my computer (as always) doing (important) stuff. I needed something: a flyer, notice, invite whatever to update my calendar. So I reached down  on the floor to where the document lay (it was there temporarily just so you don't think I throw stuff on my floor and live like a hoarder).

But then I couldn't get enough oomph to get myself back on the bed properly so I leaned back a bit to grab for my headboard and that's when it happened. The sizzling sound. That smell. I had singed some of my hair. Luckily it was just a tiny few strands.

When I told Bill he gave me that "it figures" look and said I was lucky all my hair didn't catch fire. He's right because that could've been really inconvenient. Then he said it smelled like burnt hair and grabbed some Febreeze to spray the room.

The lessons here are:

  1. Don't leave important papers on the floor. Leave them on your table. But not near the flame.
  2. When leaning out of bed to get something always remember where your candle is.
  3. Don't look to your husband for sympathy when doing stupid things that seem otherwise simple when you first consider them.

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