Sunday, March 4, 2012

Best way to spend a Saturday night

Going to see a show on the Strip:  $50 and up, give or take an arm or a leg.

Going to see a movie: $50 including over-priced tickets, stale, unevenly buttered popcorn, watered-down drink, and half filled box of raisinets.

Getting your butt kicked by your 8-year old while playing Go Fish in the comfort of your own home:  Priceless.

And embarrassing.

I'm linking up with the Yeah Write blogging peeps.


  1. I'm sitting right there in your living room with you playing Go Fish quite happily, thank you very much. (-:

  2. Hah! I'll take butt kicking any time. Meant in the best possible way of course.

  3. There was one show at Bally's that will forever stay in my head - but I think I'd still rather take an ass-whooping at go-fish.

  4. We play a lot of Uno around here, so I really get this. :)

  5. Game night is fun night, in my humble opinion.
    Cute post!

  6. Thanks you guys! Playing games with my little man is more fun even if I somehow Always lose! :)