Sunday, June 3, 2012

A series of mishaps starring: Me!

So occasionally things happen to me, purely by accident, but nonetheless funny.  At least to me. Bill laughs, too, but it's usually accompanied by much head-shaking, followed by the words, "This could only happen to you."  I assure you, dear Husband, this cannot be the case.

A few examples:

Little Man and I were downstairs one day and I went to use the bathroom. He called to me with a question and I turned to answer him. Then I opened the door, turned on the light and walked in. Why am I in here?  I looked around confused. I was in the closet. What the hell?

I shut off the light, closed the door and went into the room that I really wanted, which was next to the closet. In my defense, I was distracted. Plus, lots of people mistake the closet for the bathroom. Let's just be glad I realized in time.

I'm sure there are other people who have put their underwear on inside out. It's an easy mistake and, once again, not my fault. Here's what happened: Bill did the laundry and folded and put away the clothes. When I grabbed my undies I put them on as usual. They were a pair of plain, red, cotton briefs. Nothing frilly or lacy. I went through the whole day until once while in the bathroom (another bathroom incident...weird) when I reached to pull them up I noticed the waistband felt different. That's when I saw they were inside out.

I laughed. Then I told Bill and he laughed. Then I said, "Thanks for folding my undies the wrong way!" And he replied, "You're welcome. Maybe next time you'll check before putting them on."  Gee, thanks for putting me in charge of micro-managing your laundry skills.

That's all for now. This will no doubt be an ongoing series of humiliating incidents with me. Stay tuned.

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