Thursday, June 21, 2012

To wear or not to wear

This past Monday and Tuesday we took Christopher out for the day to have some fun and because it was too hot to do anything else.

On Monday we went to Adventuredome, which is an amusement park inside Circus Circus Hotel/Casino.

Tuesday we all went to the Rio Hotel's Voodoo Beach, an outdoor pool/beach area. Chris had a blast both days. Moreso at the pool because what kid doesn't like splashing in the water with other kids?

I noticed on both days how inappropriately some parents dress while out with their children. Or how their wardrobe seemed incongruous with the weather. Uggs in 105 degrees? What are you thinking???

So I compiled a list of acceptable/unacceptable clothing. Please note, this is just my opinion and since I dress more or less for comfort than for style, take it with a grain of salt.

Wearing high heels, a tight skirt and an off-the-shoulder blouse is not conducive to walking your child around an indoor amusement park. Although, it might get your child a discount or more turns on the rides, in which case, the jokes on me and I'm digging out my mini skirt right now.

Men should only wear flip flops at the pool, the beach or at home. No one wants to see ugly men feet while grocery shopping. Or at an amusement park.

Speedos on men are never acceptable. Unless you're in Europe where toplessness and showing lots of skin is considered normal.  Or, if you're an underwear model.

High heeled open toe shoes at a pool surrounded by sand is not a smart idea what with all the sinking your heels will do. Unless you also wear them to the beach, in which case walk on with your bad self and your mini sink-hole making shoes.

I'm not a slave to fashion by any stretch. If it's hot I dress to be cool. If I'm going to be walking a lot I wear the right shoes and clothes so I'm not a hot, cranky, sore-footed mess at the end. I may end up a hot mess anyway but dangit I'm going to be comfortable doing so!

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