Friday, July 20, 2012

Evil gnomes are attacking my desk

Monday mornings my desk (and I use the term loosely) is pretty neat. Bills that have been paid are filed away. Loose paper finds a home. Scraps and nonsense are tossed in the garbage. Even my pens and pencils are neatly put in their cute little cup holder. My mom would be proud. Okay, maybe she'd at least be pleased with the effort.

By the weekend it looks like someone broke in, ransacked the place, put everything back neatly but left my desk a scary mess. Upon further thinking I might not be far off the mark. Maybe I'm being targeted by evil desk gnomes who work for an underground faction that dislikes organization and neatness.

Of course I'll need to gather evidence to support my claim.

Maybe if I sprinkle powder around my desk, I'll find little gnome foot prints the next day. Or claws considering they're evil. Maybe forget the powder idea. Besides I'm not sure how I would explain what I was doing to Bill. He's not a gnome believer.

Why couldn't I be the focus of cute, little pixie neatniks who flutter about straightening files and papers while leaving behind magical  pixie dust? Then my desk would be tidy and we'd have magical dust to play with. A win-win situation all around.

Damn you evil desk gnomes and your messy hi-jinks!

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