Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Toys to die for

Yesterday we took Chris to Toys 'R Us because he's been a good kid lately, and he had a gift card (so it wasn't our money to be spent) and because he's been dying...dyyyyyyying for a Ninjago (Lego ninjas) toy. And us, being such awesome parents, gave into his wish.

When we walked in and came upon the Lego department that housed the desired toy(s), it was sensory overload.  Think of that scene in the movie, "Despicable Me"  where Agnes wants the stuffed unicorn.

Here's the clip: It's so fluffy I'm gonna diiiiie!  

Yeah, that's what it was like.

Anyway, Little Man's eyes were literally bugging out of his head. There were so many to choose from. He looked at each and every one.  To make a choice was agony.

Then we told him to walk around the store for a bit and check out the other toys. He looked at us in horror, as if we told him that it was all a cruel joke and he couldn't buy one. But we promised him he could come back and pick his favorite. Only then did he consent to come along with us. So we walked around looking at this and that and remarking at some of the over-the-top prices.

At one point I wandered away alone and came upon some new breed of ridiculous, over-priced, time-wasting entertainment meant to lure unsuspecting parents and gullible children into purchasing.

It's called the Ugly Doll and it's a stupid wind-up toy. And IT AMUSES ME TO NO END!

I love the blue bat, called the ice bat because it just hops around in a circle.  My other fave is the red bat but it just hops straight across.  Here's what they look like:

 The other wind-ups in the group just bend forward and then do a sudden surprise backwards flip. Not nearly as amusing. Sorry for the poor pic quality but I was using my cell phone, but yes that price is $4.99 for a silly wind up toy.  But I want it!!  It so amusing, I'm gonna diiiiiie!!!


  1. Now now, you can't put a price tag on amusement! Five dollars for a wind up toy may seem to be extravagant (yeah, it totally is), but when you're at your desk and it's doing its little dance you'll think it's worth every penny!

    1. Kellie, have I told you lately that I luv you? And not just because you consistently leave (awesome) comments on my blog posts but because you make it totally okay for me to spend my money frivolously on silly things. If and when I ever get this toy I will name it 'Kellie, the blue ice bat', in your honor.