Friday, July 6, 2012

Moments of levity

I've posted before about my battles with depression and whatnot but I can say that despite it all, there are moments of levity.  For the most part I'm happy, but there are times when I let go and find myself smiling, almost floating, and I think, life is good.

I had two of those moments happen earlier this week. Monday we took Little Man to an Aquatic Center (think outdoor park with pools and water and 2 water slides) in a nearby town. He had a blast, especially since it was a complete surprise.

At one point I was sitting neck-deep in one of the pools, enjoying the cool water, hot sun, and blue skies. I closed my eyes, sighed and thought, yeah, life, is good.

Wednesday was the 4th of July.  And as last year, Chris put on a fireworks show (ground fireworks are legal here. Those that shoot in the sky, not so much but we had both. ssh!).  We all sat outside at dusk to watch as Chris and several other people on the street set off fireworks.

It was nice. And again, as I sat watching my son and husband shooting off fireworks (and having a blast..pun intended) I thought, life really is good.

So I got to thinking that I should look for more of the good in life and in my everyday, as opposed to the bad, or not-so-good stuff that I keep working to overcome. Maybe, in fact, life really is good and it's just my perception that's bad.  In either case, I hope to have more moments of true happiness and levity.

Feel free to share any aah, life is good moments that you have.


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