Sunday, July 8, 2012

Strange shoe-wearing rituals

If I want to wear shoes I haven't worn in a while I first shake them upside down to let anything creepy crawly fall out. Then I stick my hand inside just to make sure. This way whatever might be trapped inside will just bite or sting my fingers as opposed to my foot.

I know, it's weird. But it's better than just slipping my toes inside my sneakers/boots/shoes and getting surprised by some icky little critter hiding in there. One never knows.

Bill just laughs at me. Especially as I'm putting my hand inside my footwear. He seems to think it's funny that I would subject my hand to contact with something that has more legs than me, rather than my feet. I can't quite explain it, but it makes sense to me. At least I'm taking partial caution as opposed to him who just slips on his shoes and goes on his merry way. We'll see who's laughing when one day he throws on his sneakers and gets zapped by a bug-in-hiding. Better safe and silly than sorry.

*Please note that no harm is actually intended or wished upon my careless shoe-wearing husband. Any arachnids or insects found in his footwear is purely coincidental and unrelated to this post.


  1. I can understand your caution, I'm Australian. We have more creepy craw lies that can kill you than you can poke a stick at ... actually, that's a very good tool for checking footwear, a stick!

  2. Sounds like I would run screaming like the girl I am if I were in your shoes. haha. Good idea with the stick. Will keep one in my closet, which should prompt more head-shaking from the husband.