Saturday, November 3, 2012

Conquering fears

For the longest time, Christopher has wanted to do rock wall climbing. He would approach it, and I would almost buy the ticket or pay the money before he chickened out. Yesterday he conquered his fears and climbed a rock wall. Not once, but twice! We were very proud.

Reaching the top of the Easy Climb

The people who ran this event at the Las Vegas Balloon Festival & Carnival (which benefits the LVMPD Search & Rescue - w00t!) were very cool and let him try out the Medium Climb right after he not-so-gracefully rappelled down from the easy part.

I want to do this, too, however, I'm not so fearless. And not nearly as agile. And would probably need a change of underwear after.


  1. Good for him! But I wouldn't do it either. I'd probably break my neck within the first five minutes.

    1. And if you soiled yourself it would be even more embarrassing.