Monday, November 19, 2012

My arm had a baby

I haven't posted anything new here in a week. Sorry, really I am. But the pinched nerve in my neck became aggravated and it hurt like a mutha to use my right arm.

Bill asked me to describe the pain and I said it was kinda like childbirth but in my right arm, so basically it felt like my arm was having a baby. Only it didn't because that would make me an alien. Or a circus freak.

Although my arm is feeling better and not throbbing, it's still a dull, achy nuisance. I can't exactly keep it quiet because I'm right arm-dominant. So when I sit I have pillows propped up on my right side and I look like a lopsided hunchback on a break.

Bill cracked my back a few times which helped and made me grunt and yelp so I'm sure the neighbors think I'm either moving furniture or contorting myself in some odd yoga pose.

More fun posts to come including this year's entry into the Hide the Turkey contest.

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