Monday, November 26, 2012

My car tried to kill me, and oh yeah, I'm on Christmas shopping overload

So I let another week go by without any new posts. But, I promise there's a funny story here to make you laugh at me. And also, forgive me, hopefully. You're welcome and thank you.

Thanksgiving has come and gone and except for an incident in which the turkey juice spilled out into the oven, resulting in a lot of smoke when we tried to bake the dinner rolls, it all went well. This isn't the funny story and it also wasn't my fault. No really, my brother gets that honor but since he so fabulously cleaned the oven it's all good.

This year I joined the masses and went out shopping on Black Friday. However, I didn't stand on line for hours or wake up at some ungodly hour. Instead I went late afternoon and had a surprisingly pleasant experience. Until my car tried to kill me. Here's what happened:

I was driving to one of the stores on my route. It was a gorgeous night out so I had on my light-weight long length jean jacket. At a red light I took my cell phone out of my back pocket because lately if I sit on it, the damn thing unceremoniously shuts off on me and I walk around thinking my phone is on and I can receive calls but when I go to check the time or make a call I see that it's actually off. Annoying.

When I got to the store I did what all normal people do. Parked the car, opened the door, got out, and shut the door. Only instead of walking away to the store, I was slammed against my car. No, I do not drive Christine. Apparently, my long jacket had gotten caught in the seat belt when I removed my cell phone. So in essence, my cell phone and jacket conspired with my car to kill me. Thanks a lot creepers! I shared my story with Bill who just shook his head and muttered "Only you." My mom on the other hand laughed. Out loud. Thanks for the sympathy, guys.

Anyway, I have been closely watching the Black Friday, Pre-Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales online. We're talking 7 open windows at a time and lots of price comparing. There's good deals to be had, my friends. Good deals. And eyestrain, but we won't go into that lest I be called an amateur. I'm trying real hard to stay ahead of the curve this year so I'm not out shopping like a crazy person on   Christmas Eve. I actually have a game plan. And a list! With notes and comments and pretty colors! I'm on Christmas shopping overload!!