Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Turkey-O-Lantern or Turkin

Some of you might remember the Hide the Turkey contest that Little Man's school does every year. This year he disguised the turkey as a pumpkin complete with orange appearance and triangle eyes and a stem as a hat. Chris even wrote Boo, Happy Halloween on the sign it was holding.

It was a turkey pretending to be a jack-o-lantern or a turkey-o-lantern, or a turkey that looked like a pumpkin, a turkin. What? It's funny!

Sadly, he didn't win any prize. He did get a pencil for participating. A winning ribbon would have been better. Just sayin'...as a mom, ya know?

Our original disguise was the Hulk and we were going to color him green and put ripped fabric on his legs to resemble torn pants. But then Chris changed his mind and good thing too, because he told me there were several other turkeys pretending to be the Incredible Hulk.  

Anyway, we already have a game plan for next year's turkey but I won't mention it here. You never know when other turkey fugitive enablers might be lurking about. Actually I'm sworn to secrecy and we only speak about it in hushed tones. I think next year's contest will be taken to a whole new level of competitiveness.


  1. I think a turkin sounds fabulous and he should have won!

    1. Aw thanks! I appreciate that especially from someone who was arm-deep in a turkey's butt. :)