Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I'm Abby Normal and this is what's new

The other day I was talking to my mom and she asked me what was new and I told her that the previous night I was online checking out obituaries from our former town's website. Just to see if I knew anyone who had died. But I prefaced it by saying, "Because you raised a weird child..." She looked at me, smiled and then asked me what I found out.

I love when I do something abby normal and my mom doesn't even blink twice about it. Makes me want to yell, You get me! Kind of like Sally Field when she won that Oscar. Except there's no Academy to thank. Also there's no audience to address. And I'm not getting an award. Dammit! I want an award!

Someone nominate me for this. Pleeeeease!!


  1. I bought myself a packet of those little plastic novelty trophies from a junk shop once and now every time I feel like I deserve an award at work, I just whip one out of my desk, give an acceptance speech, then place it on top of my computer monitor.

    1. And the award for coolest commenter on a blog goes to....Kellie @Delightfully Ludicrous.