Saturday, May 18, 2013

To wear or not to wear part 3

Last summer I wrote a couple posts observing what people were wearing, where they were and why I thought their choices were...hmmm, let's say inappropro. Here are links to those previous posts.

To wear or not to wear Part 1
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I recognize that fashion trends come and go and people have their own sense of style. And believe me when I say that I'm no Coco Chanel. However, I try to dress based on where I'm going, the weather and my sense of comfort. Here is another list of acceptable/unacceptable clothing to wear in public. Again, just my opinion.

Last Saturday evening we took Chris to a huge carnival/festival nearby. Part of it was on a parking lot and the rest was on gravel. I wore comfortable sandals. Some women wobbled along in high heeled shoes. Did I mention that there was gravel? Ladies, what in hell were you thinking? This is a family oriented carnival, not Carnevale in Rio!

And to the women in shorty short skirts: the world is not interested in the color of your undies! Save those micro minis for the nightclubs on the Strip, or the privacy of your own home, or wear them on your head like the headbands they are!

I'm still not understanding the socks and sandals or flip flops look that guys insist on wearing. Sandals and flip flops are for bare feet. Socks are worn with closed shoes. It's that simple! If you need socks to cover your ugly, fungal feet you shouldn't be wearing open shoes in the first place.

Oh and please, for the love of all that is holy, will young men stop wearing their pants below their butt! Who started this silly trend? Did someone somewhere decide one day, Yeah I'm so diggin' my undies and I want the whole world to see. I have no interest in your tighty-whitey, fruit of the loomies.

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