Wednesday, June 26, 2013

So good I forgot how to speak properly and made up a new word, sort of.

Tonight I went to our local Dairy Queen (DQ) for a milkshake. They opened up this past Spring and I kept meaning to get there, in spite of myself. It's that whole "trying to be healthier, blah blah blah".

So I got a vanilla milkshake because apparently I'm boring (thanks Billy!). And it was so good. So good that I got in the car, happily straw-sipping and said to myself, this is easiliest the best milkshake. Ever.

Easiliest? Is that even a word? Was I suffering from some form of brain-freeze or was I just so taken aback by the cold, yummy goodness that I meshed easily and easiest together to cleverly form a new word?

I told Billy this and of course he just looked at me and shrugged because in his world easiliest is an actual word. Grammatical humor is often lost on him.

Then I decided to look it up and guess what? Easiliest is a word. According to Wiktionary:


  1. (literary, dated) superlative form of easily: most easily

This means that I'm not as clever as I thought. It also means the husband is smarter than we both thought.

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