Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Start spreading the news but use a chalkboard

A week ago Little Man and I went to New York New York casino because I thought it would be fun. For a Friday afternoon. On the Strip. I'm ridiculous that way. Normally we try to avoid the Strip on weekends like the plague because it's full of tourists and while I am grateful of their visit because it pays our taxes they sometimes annoy me  provoke me to a murderous rage get on my nerves. Anyway,  NYNY has this huge arcade called Coney Island so I loaded us up with quarters and dollars and off we went.

After playing for a while he eventually got bored so we wandered around inside and then took a brief walk out on the faux Brooklyn Bridge. Outside the casino on a side wall they have a big blackboard with chalk for visitors to write stuff.

Spreading the news

I know it's not very original, however, in my defense, I was with my kid or else I might have written something inappropriate. Then again, when has that ever stopped me?

If we can make it here...

Another view. We may not be A number one but we were top of the list, or at the very least, top of the chalkboard. Anyway,  we had a good time. We wanted to be a part of it New York, New York. And we were.

[Forgive the lyrical references to the song, "New York, New York" but I was trying to be clever. Note the word "trying".]

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