Sunday, July 27, 2014

Working with Sherry Baby

Many years ago when I was in High School I worked at a bathing suit store in one of  our local malls. That was a fun job! Anyway, one of the girls I worked with was named, Sherry. So, of course, every time I had to talk to her I would do the Frankie Valli thing and sing "Sherry, Sherry Baby".

I'm sure she felt the same as I did/still do when someone would sing the Grease version of "Sandy" or "Sandra Dee". But still, I sang the song whenever I needed to speak to Sherry. Sometimes she laughed and shook her head. Sometimes she did the Jersey eye roll. 

I was reminded of this recently when my parents were playing a Frankie Valli cd and that particular song came on.

Anyway, I wonder where she is today and if she remembers that crazy girl who used to sing her name. I like to think I broke up the monotony of the day, especially during the winter when we were so stinkin' slow.

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