Sunday, October 19, 2014

Driving around in cars

I was driving behind a bunch of old classic cars the other day. It was like driving down the local drag in American Graffiti. Or driving behind ZZ Top.


So I started thinking about cars back then and cars now and seriously, classic cars were so much cooler back in the day. They looked badass and had tough names like GTO, T-bird, and Dart.

Now we have cars with tame names like Encore and Cadenza. Can you just see Vin Diesel tearing it up down the road in a Versa Note? No so much Fast & Furious as it is Slow & Steady.

Not that I'm making fun of these cars. I'm sure they're good vehicles and as long as you can get from Point A to Point B in one piece and with as little aggravation as possible it's all good. I just prefer muscle cars with kick-ass names. My first car was a Mustang. I also owned a Camaro (which my son was delighted to find out) and a Grand Am GT. These days I drive a sensible car, not because I want to but because it's what I can afford. My dream car is a yellow and black trim Camaro that I will happily name Bumblebee. I'll even take the '76 version, I'm not picky. And if he turned out to be an Autobot, well that would be a bonus.


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