Friday, October 24, 2014

Fearless crusader for diabetes truth

Non-d peeps, this post is about diabetes. Just putting that out there in case you've come for some laughs and feel like you stumbled into something way serious. But I encourage you to stick around anyway. Maybe learn something new. Or have a cookie. Chips Ahoy chocolate chip. Two cookies = 24 carbs. I think. I get them and another brand confused.

Why do I mention cookies and carbs? Because today for Fearless Friday I am spotlighting someone who is making it his fearless mission on twitter to educate the misinformed regarding type 1 diabetes.

His name is @darthskeptic and I "met" him through the Diabetes Online Community. He's a type 1 diabetic (obviously) with a great sense of humor and an encyclopedic amount of knowledge regarding the carb count of foods. I'm certain that if there was a diabetes version of Jeopardy he would win hands down and probably beat the pants off Ken Jennings. Ew, okay, bad analogy.


Sadly, his tweets despite being informative are often met with sarcasm and anger or ignored all together. Sadder still is just how much inaccuracy is still out in the world regarding this disease with  the most widely held myth still being that sugar and sugar-related foods cause diabetes. It doesn't. But no matter how far this disease has come in medical and technological advancements it is still regarded as the 'sugar disease'. Darthskeptic is working to change that. But he doesn't do it in a mean-spirited way although there is a hint of sarcasm there. I've read some of the stupid tweets he replies to and believe me, he is being nice. 

So, if you ever tweet about some delicious chocolate cake you just ate and reference getting diabetes from it, don't be surprised if you get a reply from him informing you otherwise.

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