Monday, May 25, 2015

Feeling the earth move under our feet

Friday we had a small earthquake. So small that many people didn't even know it happened until asked, Did you feel the earthquake? I googled it for confirmation and lo and behold, at 11:47 AM the earth shook in Las Vegas. I thought I felt some rumbling but I chalked it up to hunger. Or a side effect of the previous night's dinner.

Whatever, it's been the talk of the town this weekend. Some people say they felt it. Or they know someone who did. I didn't feel it but my cousin's sister's friend's hair stylist did. Bill was disappointed because he wanted to experience it. I told him that next time he's asleep I'll jump up and down on the bed and that should satisfy his curiosity.

I got to experience an earthquake once when me and my bestie were on vacation in California. I remember we were on the bed watching TV and all of a sudden everything started violently shaking. We were so clueless; we had no idea what was happening. We thought maybe something had hit the building. Then the breaking news came on to announce the quake.

Anyway, you know that scene in the movie Twister, when Bill, Jo and Bill's annoying fiance are in his truck and get side-swiped by two tornadoes, and after the initial fear and panic and tornadoes are gone, Bill and Jo look at each other and laugh and have this mini celebration?

Yeah well, me and my bff were a bit like that except with less hugging but equal excitement. This was many years ago so you can see, I was always a bit weird. Hey, it's not just the little things that make me happy. (Found a dollar in my pocket. Score!) It's the big, scary stuff, too, like living through Mother Nature's wrath. Bill and I love the above part in the movie and swear we would react the same way. And I've always thought there should be a ride modeled after this scene. Universal Studios, I'm lookin' at you.

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