Sunday, May 6, 2012

Not all teas are made equal

This past Friday we took Little Man to see the Avengers movie at one of the hotel/casinos nearby. While Bill and Chris were waiting on line to buy tickets I wandered over to Starbucks to buy a hot tea and something sweet to nosh on.

When the young barista guy asked to take my order I started out fine and then we somehow took a sharp left and ended up in Confusion Land. Here's what happened:

Barista guy: Can I take your order?
Me: Yes, I'd like a Tall ( their version of a small) tea.

So far, so good.

Barista guy: What kind of tea would you like?

And this is where the road gets bumpy. You see, I couldn't remember the name of the tea I prefer.

Me: What is your version of a plain black tea?

Barista guy: Well, we have Earl Grey, Chai,  Chamomile.
Me: No, none of those. What do you have that's like plain old Lipton?
Barista guy: Um, Earl Grey, Chai, Cham-.
Me: No, no.
Barista guy: I have no idea.
(Then he looks at Barista girl standing there)
Barista guy: Do you know which one?
Barista girl: I have no clue.
Me: Straining to look over the counter and read the box labels.

Then my eyes spot it. Awake!

Me: The Tazo Awake, that's the one.
Barista guy: Tazo Awake? Okay.
Me: And a piece of Cinnamon swirl pound cake.

Thankfully there was no one waiting behind me.

Now, I realize my lack of knowledge of Starbucks tea brands was part of the problem. But, shouldn't these purveyors of expensive coffees served in cookie-cutter boutique cafes with fancy-schmancy titles know their own products? 

Then again, maybe I expect too much.

In the future if I decide to buy a hot beverage I'll stick to a simple establishment like Dunkin Donuts, where coffee is just coffee and tea is just tea. With a little milk. And two sugars.                  

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