Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oh sleep, why hast thou forsaken me?

Sleep and I are sometimes like two ships passing in the night. I go to bed all ready to sleep and then, lay there totally wide awake. And yet a few short hours ago I was tired and could have gone to sleep right then but it was too early and would have messed up my already messed up sleep schedule even more.

I go to bed too late. I can't fall right asleep. Sometimes I can't stay asleep. I think I'm a partial insomniac. I'm like an insom because I do eventually fall asleep.

Full blown insomniacs hardly sleep at all. I wonder if they nap during the day? I can nap during the day without any problems. Maybe sleep thinks I'm cheating on it when I nap and that's why I'm having difficulty? I don't always nap, though. And I don't plan on it, it just happens. If you visit more often, sleep, I promise no more naps.

See you tonight.

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