Sunday, February 23, 2014

He speaks in movie quotes and I couldn't be prouder

Saturday we were at an all day event presented by JDRF. Chris hung out in the 'Kids Zone' while Bill and I sat in on some presentations and seminars. On the way home we asked Chris what he did in Kids Zone. Without missing a beat he replied, "I drank, I fought, I made my ancestors proud." I don't know about his ancestors but that answer sure made me proud. Yes, he's my kid.



  1. I LOVE 15 year old son watched Pulp Fiction and has learned that nearly every situation can use a Pulp Fiction quote. And I'm a bad mom.

    1. LOL. Excellent. If you're a bad mom, then I'm a bad mom because I let mine watch Kill Bill. Both volumes. I blame Tarantino.