Sunday, February 16, 2014

Top 10 most viewed blog posts

I had to look up a couple of past posts and I came upon one post that had a crazy amount of page views. And then I thought, why not do a list (not another list!) of my Top 10 most viewed blog posts of all time. It would appear that cartoons and bad things that happen to me are quite popular. This makes me both smile and cock my head in a confused manner.

I've linked back to the original post for those who want to go back and read it. Also, feel free to laugh at my expense (again), my family does so all the time. Hey, I'll make popcorn!

Frosty, the Miser Brothers, Kris Kringle and other Christmas 'toons (602 page views) I think people just like the pictures I posted.

Vicious malware almost ate my computer  (151 page views) Almost, but not quite.

Attack of the killer mutant snow goons (135 page views) Calvin and Hobbes pics!

Verizon almost got me killed (126 page views) I averted disaster once again.

Love makes it all worth it (98 page views) The joys of motherhood!

Strong emotions (87 page views) A sad look at diabetes.

Anxiety and panic (84 page views) Some seriousness I shared.

A little Halloweenie (74 page views) Halloween!

Attitude of gratitude (73 page views) Sometimes I forget there's much to be thankful for.

Cough, cough, sniffle (61 page views) Just a little illin'.

It's an eclectic mix with Christmas cartoons leading the pack in popularity. I fear for those who find themselves at my blog after chasing the Christmas cartoons here. Then again, maybe they come for the Christmas cartoons and stay for the crazy. Did I write 'crazy'? I meant Chocolate. 

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