Friday, February 21, 2014

Vampires and the MOB: Signs I saw around town

In my medical travels these past couple weeks, I ran across the following signs. The first one was written and displayed by the phlebotomist where I had to get blood work done. I sat down, looked up, and giggled when I saw it because I always refer to these professionals as such. I asked him if his name was Jason, just to make sure, and he said yes. I did not ask him the other thing.
In case it's hard to read, the sign says: "Hi my name is Jason and I'll be your Vampire."

Truth in advertising? 

At the endocrinologist with Chris, I saw this sign in the parking lot. Naturally my mind read this in the literal sense and not as an acronym for Medical Office Building. Should I park here when I want to hear them make me an offer I can't refuse?

Apparently organized crime has so many visitors it needs its own parking lot.

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