Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How a 90s movie inspired my Fictional Hollywood Bucket List

Saturday night I was watching You've Got Mail. You know, the movie where Meg Ryan's character (Kathleen Kelly) and Tom Hanks' character (Joe Fox) email each other and fall in love? Anyway, Kathleen Kelly owns this charming little book store called, 'The Shop Around the Corner', and it prompted me to submit a job application online to Barnes and Noble, even though B and N is more like Joe Fox's chain bookstore Fox Books and less like the quaint little Shop. Doesn't matter, I romanticized the whole thing in my head because books are books and I was feeling nostalgic, and so I applied.

Who knows if I will get the job. Or if they will even consider me enough to actually call me in for an interview.  Why would you like to work for us? Because I was watching "You've Got Mail" one night and thought it would be so much fun to work in a book store. And also I like to read. I don't think the interviewer would be amused. In fact, I bet my application would be placed in the 'Do Not Hire. Ever' list.

Besides, I'd rather work for Kathleen Kelly. And then I got to thinking of other fantastical things I'd like to do that could never happen because they're fiction and therefore don't exist. And thus was born my Fictional Hollywood Bucket List.

Now, bear with me. Yes, I am one of those people who make lists. There's the To-Do if I have a lot I'd like to accomplish during a specific period of time. A Christmas List so that I know what I still need to buy for people, and what I already have because there are a bunch of bags and boxes hidden all over and a list is just easier for quick referral. And of course a Bucket List of things I could accomplish if timing and money weren't an issue. I've been keeping a Reading List since 2010 of every book I've read during the year. It serves no purpose except to determine my reading habits. I have one dating back to 2001 but it's currently stuck on my desk top PC which is broken and will remain so until available funds come into being.

So, now back to my Fictional Hollywood Bucket List. I do realize this may not be a new concept, in fact I'm sure I read somewhere about Bucket Lists of Pretend Places that people would like to visit like, Narnia, The Shire, and Hogwarts. Mine isn't so much about places as it is about people I want to hang with and things I'd like to do. I can't post it here because so far I only have 4 things on it. What can I say, the whole idea for this post came to me late Saturday night as I was trying to fall asleep, so I consider it a work in progress.

In addition to working at 'The Shop Around the Corner', I would like to dress up in pearls and a tiara and drink coffee while eating a pastry in front of Tiffany's windows with Holly Golightly. [from Breakfast at Tiffany's]

I also want to...

...go back in time with Marty and the Doc in the DeLorean. [from Back to the Future]
...dance on stage with Danny Kaye at the Pine Tree Ski Lodge. [from White Christmas]

Anyone else have a similar list? Share, please.

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