Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How about those resolutions?

So how much fun was that blog hop? It was like a great big blog playdate (a blogdate?). I'm still making my way down the list of blogs to pop in and say 'ello! The Fearless Scribe got some new followers and many people visited. Thank you all, it means so much. *sniff*  I'll refrain from launching into my Academy Award winning speech where I'm cut off by the music as I tearfully thank my favorite high school teacher for her encouragement and for believing in me and my writing. 

In other news, it's February and typically at this point most people have abandoned their New Year's Resolutions. I made no such resolutions so I'm doing better than most. For example, I haven't made an effort to get in better shape but since I didn't make a resolution proclaiming better fitness in the New Year I'm not disappointing myself. See? Why put such pressure on myself?

Instead I've been doing little beneficial things for my health. Like, I recently gave up soda, specifically Pepsi, and oddly enough I don't miss it. Pretty shocking considering I was a die-hard cola drinker. These days I drink ice tea. Of course I'm probably negating the health benefits because the tea is unsweetened and I add my own sugar, but I'd like to think I'm doing something good for myself. If I'm not, don't tell me, let me live in my sugary tea pretend world.

Also, I've been going to bed earlier than I used to. I actually started doing this at the end of last year and I've been pretty good at continuing it. This doesn't mean I'm in bed and asleep at some responsible time like 10 pm but I'd like to think that being in bed before midnight counts for something.

How's your resolutions coming along?

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