Friday, April 3, 2015

Confusing and weird job hunting communications

I'm still job hunting. And I still come across some weirdness when it comes to how companies communicate with prospective applicants.

Here's a recent example:

I applied to a job ad. I got a confirmation email that my application was received. So far, so good. Then, a couple days later I receive two emails from the company. Both started off with the obligatory Thank you for your interest in employment with our company. Then the first one continued with (and I'm paraphrasing) At this time we have decided to not move forward with your application.

The second email, time-stamped 2 seconds after the first one, said, We regret to inform you that this position has been canceled.

Confused much?

If you're that disorganized of a company then I'm happy to not work for you. And I thank you for saving me the trouble of smacking the shit out of you at a later date with the company stapler.

I briefly thought about sending my own two emails. One saying that I have decided not to move forward with my application for your position and the other saying that my interest in your company has been canceled. But most businesses these days send their generic emails from a NoReply email address so there went that idea.

In the meantime, still searching for my dream job as Movie Quote Extraordinaire with unlimited pizza eating perks. 

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