Saturday, April 25, 2015

Signs to make you laugh

It's a cool, rainy day here today and I have a case of the lazies so I'm just going to post some funny signs I came across on the Internet. Hope you have a good laugh or two.

I think these people mean business. Still, I would stick around to see all of this regardless of the danger.

The "and shit" really drives the point home.

Talk about a liquid lunch. And now we know why the Sales Department didn't come back to the office.

Would you like that in a cup or a bowl?

This sign made me laugh a little too hard. The only thing funnier would be to see that one person make a beeline off-course to find a bush.

Talk about motivation.


  1. BAHA I'd so be down for some whiskey soup mid-week! DYING.

    1. It would certainly make those lunch meetings more interesting.