Sunday, January 22, 2012

Attack of the killer mutant snow goons

I'm a big fan of Calvin & Hobbes and my favorite is the Snow Art series. If you're not familiar with the comic, it's about a little boy (Calvin) and his stuffed tiger (Hobbes - which in his mind is alive). Each winter when it snowed they set about making snow men, but not your cute, run-of-the-mill Frosty types. These were freakish snow monsters sometimes doing horrific things. Hilarious. So in honor of winter and the recent snow that has fallen in many parts of the country, here are some pics of Calvin & Hobbes and their mutant snow goons:


  1. I used to love Calvin and Hobbes! This reminds me, we need to make a cooler snow man than the boring one out on the front lawn...

  2. Make a 2-headed one. That should make your neighborhood more interesting.