Friday, January 13, 2012

No more lives to live

It's the end of an era. A daytime era to be exact. Today marked the last airing of the ABC daytime soap opera, "One Life To Live".

I haven't watched the show as religiously as I did years ago but I always kept in touch with the happenings. I did watch the last two weeks just to see how it would all end. Would all loose ends get tied up? Would characters get their happy-ever-after? Would Llanview be decimated off the map? (I know it's a fictional town that was never really on the map in the first place, but humor me.)

My grandma got my mom into the show and then I got interested. Even after my grandma died and my mom went back to work and lost interest, I kept watching, until such a time as I could no longer keep up.

OLTL has been around longer than I've been alive. Not that I'm so old but still it's a long time. And I always thought it would be around, waiting for me to come back like a long-lost son or the daughter it never knew existed.

It's a shame that ABC didn't see the value in this show (or All My Children - which it canceled September 2011). These shows are an escape, like a good trashy novel. They amuse us, anger us, and mostly entertain us. The characters become family. We cheer for them and cry with them. But that's what a good show gets us involved.  Sure it's make-believe and some of the story lines are so far-fetched but that's what makes it so much fun. It's a guilty pleasure.

Who knows, maybe somewhere down the road the show will be resurrected and come back from the dead like a favorite character.

In the meantime, farewell Llanview and all your inhabitants: Viki/Niki Lord Reilly Buchanan  etc.etc., the Buchanan cowboys, the crazy Cramers, the beautiful Llanfair mansion and everyone else. I'm gonna miss you.

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