Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bookasaurus is on the loose!

Run for your lives!

Or, don't. It's your call.

But seriously, I have been devouring books lately. Not just reading but full-on eating them whole. I'm averaging a book every two days.

I realize there are people who read an entire book in one day but I at least allow myself to eat, go potty, see the fam. and oh yeah, sleep. If I didn't then I'd be a starving, cranky, reading zombie doing the pee-pee dance. No one wants that, believe me.

I'd much rather be a book-eating dinosaur. It sounds friendlier too, because who wouldn't want to hang out with a cute dino who just eats up books?

So, if you see me stomping around and rawring, just toss me a book. Or two. And some chocolate. Thanks!


  1. Now I kinda want to see a picture of a starving cranky, reading zombie doing the pee-pee dance. That'd be awesome! Personally, I never have time to read books these days. I've got a serious fanfiction habit to support.

    1. Next time I pull a reading all-niter I'll snap a pic. Just for you. :) Fanfiction is cheaper than cigarettes.