Friday, August 31, 2012

That darn sweet tooth!

Tonight I talked myself out of eating an ice cream sandwich. I am both proud of and disappointed in myself. Proud that I was able to not give in to a food craving and disappointed that I didn't allow myself to indulge in a yummy food treat.

This lasted all of 10 minutes.

Then I went downstairs and promptly had a s'mores pop tart. Again I was both proud and disappointed but for reverse reasons.

I am a foodie conundrum. And I blame it all on my sweet tooth. Damn sugar-crazy molar!!

At least this time I didn't follow up my pop tarted goodness with some chips. Usually I need something salty after eating something sweet. For this, I blame my salt-loving taste bud. I think she just gets jealous of the attention my sweet tooth gets and wants in. They're like petty children.

Stupid mouth! Always causing a problem. Too small, overcrowded with teeth, bickering tastes. Jeez!


  1. I'm pretty sure the sweet and the savoury cancel each other out, in the age old tradition of faulty logic and negative calories.

    1. Your reasoning makes it sound so justifiable. Thank you!