Sunday, August 26, 2012

The last single digit

Today is Little Man's birthday. He's 9.

And in the midst of presents and singing the Happy Birthday song and remembering his birth I realized that this is the last single digit year of his life. This made me both sad and proud.

I'm sad because like so many other parents, I feel like time is going so quickly. I mean, wasn't he just two and watching "Finding Nemo" endlessly? I can still quote the movie from start to finish thanks to that phase he went through. But seriously, 9? Already?

On the other hand, I'm proud. He's becoming a fine little man who has a quick smile, a charming personality and a love of all things action hero-related. Sometimes his diabetes makes him act and seem older than he is. And there are times when he says mature things that no other child would. But then he does something silly and childish and I think, he's only 9 years old. And that's just fine with me.

Happy 9th Birthday Chris.

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