Thursday, August 16, 2012

The King and I

This post is in honor of the 35th Anniversary of Elvis Presley's death.

When we moved to Las Vegas from NJ three years ago, we drove and stopped at a few notable places. One of those places was Memphis where we took a tour of Graceland.  This had long been a dream of mine having been a fan of his music (and movies) since I was a little girl, thanks to my mom's influence (Thanks Mom!).

We were there a week before his death anniversary (deathiversary?), otherwise known as "Elvis Week". This is his grave, which they say is always decorated with stuffed animals, flowers and pictures left behind by devoted fans.

I was so excited to share that time with Billy (who isn't a big fan but arranged for us to stop there and was a huge sport by even taking pics) and with Little Man. Whenever Chris hears his music he recognizes him as "the guy who's house we visited, who's dead".

Here's me and Little Man walking from the stables on the property. Note the crutches and cast. Yes, well a week before our departure from NJ I fell down some stairs and broke my ankle so I hobbled along on this tour. I think I may have accidentally whacked a couple of people with my crutches inside the actual mansion. Sorry!

The man himself. One of many pics of Elvis displayed on the property.

Maybe one day I'll get back there and re-take the tour, sans cast & crutches. Maybe I'll even go during 'Elvis Week'. Then again, maybe not.

*Please do not copy or dup any of these pics without permission first. Thanks!


  1. Oh Elvis, your beautiful crooning was only outclassed by your sequinned jumpsuits. You are missed.

    1. I prefer him in the black leather outfit from his comeback special. *sigh*