Monday, September 22, 2014

And that's how I found out I didn't get the job

I'm in the market for a job, again. The one I mentioned starting back in June didn't work out. As it turns out, it's for the better. In the meantime I thought I would write about all the ways in which I found out I didn't get the job I interviewed for.

First, there's the impersonal and pre-formatted email that simply says, "Upon review we've decided to go with another candidate." Hey, at least I got my answer, however stale and carbon-copied it may be. Then again, it's easier on the company this way, not to mention less confusing. I would hate to get a personalized rejection letter, with the wrong name! "Dear Alice..." Damn, I didn't get the job. Wait, who's Alice?

A while back I interviewed with a company not once, not twice, but three times with a different department head each time. After the third interview they said they would let me know either way at week's end. Yeah, right. Two weeks later I got a call from the son of the President of that company asking if I could come and interview for his business. That's how I found out I didn't get the other job. Nothing like being passed around like a note in study hall.

A lot of times I see a new ad a couple weeks later for the same position I just interviewed for. Hey, thanks for getting back to me like you said you would. How about I hit the "Apply" button and send you my resume 78 times? 

I used to send a follow-up 'thank you for taking the time to interview me' email to the jobs I really wanted. I thought it would make a good impression and keep my name fresh in their minds. But then I got to feeling too kiss-assy and stopped.

Bill says I should call these companies back after a week or so and just ask outright if they made a decision. I'm too stubborn to do that. It makes me feel desperate. Then again, maybe Edible Arrangements has a "Please hire me, you won't regret it" bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries I could send? If not, they should. Hey, Edible Arrangements, call me. I have many other such interesting ideas.

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