Friday, September 5, 2014

Fearless in school and life

If you tuned in last Friday expecting to see something  inspirational for Fearless Friday, I'm sorry you were disappointed. I couldn't come up with anything proper and I wasn't in the right frame of mind. However, I think I might keep Fearless Friday alive a bit longer but only if I have something worth posting so that means there might be some Fridays that go by with no Fearless post and something else (or nothing) in its place.

Today's Fearless post is for all the kids and young adults who started school this week and last and found themselves in the unfamiliar surroundings of a new campus/school.

When my son expressed his anxiety and nervousness prior to the first day of middle school I told him he would be fine. That despite how scary it might seem he had to see it through. Then I told him that life will be filled with uncertainties and terrifying moments but you must be fearless because so often they will become the best experiences.

Face the scary.
Embrace the unknown.
And Be Fearless!
It just might be worth it in the end.

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