Thursday, September 11, 2014

What I'll never forget about 9/11

I'll never forget, thirteen years ago...

looking across the Hudson and watching the City on fire.

worrying about family, friends and neighbors at work in NYC that day and hoping, praying that they made it home safely.

the smoke. It was unbelievable.

watching the towers crumble. It was shocking and surreal. One minute they were there and then..nothing.

the stories on the news of people searching for loved ones. I cried with them.

the eerie silence in the skies as all flights were grounded for a week.

joining my neighbors and others everywhere as we sat outside and lit candles for peace and remembrance in the nights that followed.

worrying about the immediate future. 

feeling so sad, angry, and scared. 

donating food, juice, and what little else I could to the mobile drives that went into the city and re-supplied those working to search, rescue, and give aid.

feeling pride as our country united in strength and love.

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