Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Can I refill your eggnog for you?

Every now and then the local casinos "give away" some cool gifts to its gamblers, I mean patrons. I say "give away" because you need to gamble a bit every now and then to be recognized as worthy. Most people (Vegas residents) just use the "free play" like $5 or $20 that they award you for coming to their casino rather than using their own hard-earned money. Either way you have to earn the gift.

Yesterday my dad came home with such a Christmas gift. He was very excited about it and couldn't wait to show me and the rest of the family. No, it wasn't money. Nor was it a gold watch. Something way better, at least to our easily entertained eyes.

I give you The Clark Griswold Glass Moose Mug.

It looks exactly like the one Clark drinks Eggnog out of when Cousin Eddie and family came to visit and also when he got his Jelly Of The Month Club bonus.


And because my family and I are such fans of Christmas Vacation, we loved it. I told dad he should fill it with red and green M & M's for the holiday. I'm not sure if he plans on using it to drink with this season but right now it is proudly displayed on the living room end table.

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