Sunday, December 14, 2014

Relax and be merry

This is a busy time of year. It can also be a stressful time, too. So allow me to share some tips and hints to help you prepare for the holidays while keeping your sanity intact. Consider them my gift to you. (Refunds not available, results may vary.)

The Road Less Traveled

There's been a lot of construction and street re-routing going on in my neck of the woods. In order to not sit in the traffic and get into a yelling/cursing match with the other drivers when I go out Christmas shopping, I take the back roads as often as possible. It might take me a bit longer to get there but it is way calmer on my nerves. So if you know of an alternate way to get where you're going, I advise you to take it.

Making A List...

Santa does it and so do I. Although I make lists because my memory has become ridiculous. But seriously, it helps when I have multiple stores to go to if I have a list of what I'm buying and from where. This saves me from having those "what did I come here for?" moments. It also prevents that son of a b- exclamation when I get in the car to leave, only to realize I forgot something I needed to buy.


Get Into the Spirit

No, I'm not talking the Spirit of Christmas Past, Present or Future. I mean whatever you need to make yourself merry. Play some Christmas music in the car when you're out shopping. Better yet, once you're home for the night, have a little holiday cocktail or taste some of the baked goodies you (or someone else) made. There's no shame. I won't judge. Whatever you choose to deck your halls and stay mellow, it's all good.

The Internet Is Your Friend

Ah, shopping online. Hassle-free. No dashing through the snow and fighting for a parking space. No waiting on line. And best of all, can be done in your sweats, pajamas or ugliest Christmas sweater while eating freshly baked cookies.


I highly recommend all of these because no one likes their parent/spouse to be a Jolly Asshole at The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

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