Monday, December 1, 2014

Soup and sliders

For lunch today I had some chicken noodle soup. And two White Castle sliders (of the frozen variety since WC doesn't exist out here). Talk about a contradiction in terms. One is good, warm, and for the most part, healthy. The other is an all-out greasy, food glom of the unhealthiest kind that most people (especially those in Jersey) will eat only after a night of excessive drinking or, if you're constipated.


Somehow this reminded me of a time I was out with a friend of mine at our local diner. She ordered a salad with extra cheese and extra dressing (not the fat-free kind), and a cheeseburger with fries. And a diet coke. I was like, What? Are you kidding? Does it really matter at this point? She said she preferred the taste. I guess the body wants what the body wants.

I admit mine was a weird craving. I think I thought the soup wouldn't be filling enough. Turns out I was wrong. -Feeling full.

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