Friday, December 26, 2014

Tis the season for grrr-ing.

Christmas has come and gone. And with it so has goodwill toward men. Or at least that's what I saw at the After-Christmas sales in the stores today.


Amid all the half price decorations and wrapping paper there was griping and shopping carts being pushed into people.

I managed to buy some gift paper and tags for next year's wrapping frenzy without sustaining any bodily harm. And luckily for my fellow shoppers, no one got whacked on the head as I juggled six rolls of wrapping paper. I almost took out an elderly lady as I was checking on some tissue paper. Almost. But in my defense she did knock into me with her over-sized purse so I'm pretty sure we would have been even.

Was anyone else brave enough to enter a store the day after Christmas? Come on guys, don't leave me hangin'.

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