Monday, February 11, 2013

Back on track, I hope

Already I'm doing better than last month since this is the third post for February and January had a dismal two entries. Hopefully I don't ninja vanish again mid-month. I make no promises so don't hold me to anything because I hate disappointing people. I'm sorry in advance, okay?

Sometimes when I can't immediately fall asleep, a whole blog post comes to me. It's annoying, really, because it's a smart, witty post that I should type up post-haste but I'm just comfortable enough to not want to move and yet still not quite in that ready-to-fall asleep phase. Then I try to go over key points in hopeful determination that I'll remember it the next day and before I'm done I fall asleep.

I should buy one of those mini recorders so I can record my post and transcribe it the next day, but that would require me to have to grab my idiot cell phone in the middle of the night to use as a night light so I can find the recorder and of course there's always the risk of waking up Bill. Even though he's not nearly as homicidal as I am when woken up suddenly from a deep sleep, I would still feel guilty.

There's also the fact that I would have to talk out loud or at least in an unsoft (that's my word and I say it's real) voice and not wanting to wake everyone I'd have to get up and go into another room and at that point I may just as well grab my laptop and type the damn thing up then and there.

The whole thing just isn't worth the aggravation. So instead I'll just continue sporadically posting about everything and anything cool, funny or nonsensical. At the very least it'll be a post and whoever wanders in here will have something to read. Win win for all!

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