Friday, February 1, 2013

A Letter to my poor neglected blog and the unfortunate souls who read her

Dear Blog and Followers,

I have not abandoned you. Even though it's February and I have Two, just Two stinkin' entries to show for this year. I've been busy? I'm trying to look for a (gulp!) actual bricks 'n mortar job. I know, that's no excuse.

In all seriousness, I've temporarily lost my writing mojo. It's kinda like writer's block except it sounds swankier because instead of wanting to write but having nothing to say, I have lots to say but no oomph to do it. Which also means I'm lazy. Okay not so much me, but my Muse. She's the lazy one. I blame her! She took off on a vacation for parts unknown and left no forwarding address and I've been stuck here alone trying to make myself write something, anything. But I hate doing that because it just sounds so forced, like when the teacher made you write an essay about someone you admire. But then you couldn't decide who to write about and what to say so you sat there watching the clock and looking at your classmates furiously writing away and you panicked so you ended up writing about your old, eccentric aunt who collects porcelain cats and smells like mothballs. Thanks a lot for that exercise in writing humiliation Mrs. Teacher!

Anyway, I promise to return here and post more silly, inane things about my life and make witty observations about the world. Just as soon as Miss Lazy Muse returns.

Thank you for being so excellent. And not judging. At least not too harshly.



  1. Absolutely no judgement! If you've temporarily misplaced your mojo, I'm sure you'll get it back again sooner or later.

    1. Kellie! You are delightfully lovely! Thank you.